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Jennifer is a highly accomplished and successful personal trainer and martial artist.  For Jennifer, each client and their goals are special and unique. She designs and implements tailored solutions and programs for maximizing mind and body wellness and strength. Her dedication and focus on the needs and wants of each client result in their lifelong pursuit of maintaining the healthiest and strongest body with a positive mindset. With 33 years of teaching experience in personal training, coaching sports, and as an anatomy and physiology teacher, her clients find success with ease using her guidance.

Jennifer has mostly worked with business professionals seeking optimal health and fitness. With her experience and Orthopedic Exercise Specialist certificate, she can create safe exercise routines for any clients with recurring or temporary injuries/ailments.

Also, she has given health and wellness seminars which focus on shaping your mind to optimal health and fitness. She explains the mental program to complement the physical. Her passion is to help everyone to optimal health and fitness in both their mind and body.

Jennifer earned her black belt in jiu jitsu and currently is an instructor at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu HQ and offers private lessons. Her dedication and consistency is contagious and she will help you become the best version of yourself through martial arts.

Jennifer absolutely loves being an inspiration to her clients, colleagues, friends, and fellow gym members.  Her motto is "Shape your mind. Shape your body." and taking her own advice to heart has enabled her to live her passion, a passion she is all too eager to share in order to bring out a healthier happier you!

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