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"When I first met Jennifer near the end of last year, I was morbidly obese.  I had gained about 50 pounds, and for two years could not get rid of them.  The only thing I could do was call a professional.  I was hesitant because I have had a lot of experience with personal trainers.  Each one had their own approach, and I started feeling the ‘personal’ in personal training was more about the trainer’s personal philosophies, and less about me.  I would cancel more than half the sessions and dread the sessions I was present for.  And I never lost weight!!!!!


Jennifer was the first trainer to listen to my needs.  I told her about my fears, and she designed a program just for me.  And I started feeling very differently about my workouts.  In fact, I started looking forward to them.  So much so, that a couple months ago I asked Jen if we could go from 2 to 3 sessions a week.  Jennifer has taught me important dietary changes as well.  She works without being condescending or forceful.  She is exactly the perfect personal trainer for me.  But I also know that she caters to every client according to their personal needs.


I look good, feel good, asthma is gone, bp is normal, heart rate is lowered, and my self-esteem is back. I just weighed myself before writing this.  27 pounds off as of this morning.  Thank you, Jennifer, for bringing this hot lady back.  I’m off to conquer the world. ;)"

-Naureen Sahibzada

"Working with Jen has been one of the greatest things I have ever done for myself.  It seems impossible to fit what I want to say into a concise testimonial, but I will do my best.  Before working with Jen, I had never lifted weights in my life and exercise certainly was not a part of my routine.  I spent my twenties and most of my thirties missing the mark in self-care and overall health. To me, being a healthy person had always just meant being a thin person, and it had never really mattered to me how I got there. But after years of following nearly every fad eating plan in existence, popping diet pills, drinking magic shakes, and watching my weight yo-yo up and down, I wanted to make a change. 

I met Jen and was so impressed by her background in health and fitness.  I immediately got the sense that she would be able to help me get physically stronger.  What I didn’t expect was all the many other ways that she would help me to become stronger. Her positive energy and her encouraging attitude make me feel like I can do anything.  She has helped me learn how to believe in myself and my abilities.   I never thought I would be a person who worked out regularly, and now here I am eleven months into our sessions, and I have never missed a workout with her. I never thought I would be able to see muscles on my body, and now I almost can’t stop looking at the lines in my arms and stomach! I never thought I would be a person who could do any number of pushups or lift a barbell, and now I am the proud owner of a barbell and over a dozen pairs of dumbbells! (Jen and I joke about my new “weight problem:” my seemingly insatiable appetite for adding equipment to my quarantine-friendly, home gym.)

Jen has given me a realistic idea of what the whole picture of health should look like, while also reminding me that it doesn’t have to be perfect, nor is it supposed to be.  For the first time in my life, I’m not looking for the quick answer.  I am walking a non-linear path, harnessing my patience, knowing that although I am a year into this journey, it is just the beginning.  I am ready to further ingrain these lessons into my mind and into my way of life.  I think that the next year of working with Jen will bring me continued growth in self-confidence and continued excitement by every new goal I achieve.  What excites me most though, is seeing all the ways I will continue to surprise myself and having Jen to guide me and cheer me on as it happens."


-Kristy Healy



"After a long-time search for a personal trainer, one that would put my fitness in alignment with my health and jiu-jitsu goals, I am so glad to have found Jen. Not only have I been able to stay consistent on my path to a better quality of life, but I feel confident and grateful to know that I have someone that will help me maintain and increase my fitness goals and show me the tools so can do it for myself for the rest of my life. Her patience and encouragement is never intimidating yet she is the no-nonsense type that is very firm and increases the challenge accordingly. She makes herself available to answer all my questions and customizes my plan to fit my needs. She is very knowledgeable in all things fitness. What I like most of all is how she corrected my mindset, how I see and talk about myself and my body, and integrates a proper attitude that sets me up for success. I love how she emphasizes the importance of maintaining good form to minimize injury and maximize efficiency. If your looking for long-term results that will transform your mind and body, look no further. Jen is truly a wonder! She has made me look forward to exercising and removed any intimidation I had when thinking about weight-training and lifting. I look forward to training with her for as long as possible!"


-Lumiere Soto

"Jennifer is amazing.  I am in my late 40’s and have been battling my weight for a long time. I heard Jennifer speak at an event and just listening to her got me going in the right direction with my workouts, but a few weeks later we started working together and I am finally making progress and starting to lose weight. I had gotten so frustrated and was sort of giving up and didn’t think my goal was realistic at all. When I told her what I wanted for myself, I thought anyone in their right mind would laugh at me, but she was so encouraging and made me realize that it was achievable. Jennifer takes an individualized approach and really explains how important it is for women to get back into doing weights and building strength. She gave me that nudge that I needed to really get back on track and very quickly I started making progress. I am also more motivated because she made it easy to understand the science behind why working out is so important, but also that it is just one part of a holistic approach to staying healthy and strong. I was feeling powerless and she made me feel like I could get my power back. Thank you Jennifer! I highly recommend her!!"

-Lisa Ystrom


"When my husband came home from the gym and said "I think I found the perfect trainer for you," I said "right".  I was totally skeptical.  Then I met Jennifer, and he was right, she was Perfect for me!  What does perfect for me mean?  Someone who asks about my goals first,  works with my skill level, and always tells me " you can do more than you think you can",  then proceeds to help me get there, even when I think I can't.  Jennifer is kind, gentle in her own way, smiles easily, but don't be fooled, she's tough, and she never loses focus even when you think you can distract her.  At 73, I can easily pass for my early 60s, but Jennifer tells me I'm 50, and then works to make it true.  Thanks to Jennifer, I'm physically fit, active, and my husband says I'm hot.  The really nice thing is she can work with me and my husband to help the two of us accomplish a lifetime of fitness and health, it's so much more than mere exercise.  That's true commitment, expertise, and talent!  Thank you Jennifer, we are so fortunate to have you in our lives."


-Bonnie Hill

"I played competitive sports in my youth and have stayed fit and athletic through many periods of my adulthood, but staying consistently fit has remained a challenge. I've learned that having the right trainer is the best way for me to stay focused on my health and fitness and I knew Jennifer was that trainer instantly. I saw her working out 6 years ago and it was clear she was a very naturally fit athlete (no supplementing). The fitness industry is filled with trainers who underplay their terrible eating and workout habits as well as the extreme amount of supplementing they do. I only had interest in a trainer who supported healthy fitness and Jennifer's lifelong pursuit of excellence in sports, fitness, health, nutrition and happiness makes her an incredible and invaluable guide in my life. On top of it all is the fact that Jennifer is a genuinely wonderful human being whom I'm very happy is in my life. I know all her clients feel that way about Jennifer because I've met many of them; and that is a rare quality to find.


-Massey Rafani



"Jennifer has coached me for both bikini physique competing and overall fitness for long term goals.  Though I'm no longer training to compete, I continue to call her my coach, because she is so much more than a personal trainer.  She guides me through my fitness journey, not just by putting me through a great workout; she also encourages and inspires through her words of wisdom and leading by example (Jennifer is the strongest and fittest person I know).  She knows the winning formulas for your specific goals, and because of all she has taught me, so far, I have been able to stay on track with my goals and I feel stronger than ever!  With Jennifer, I saw amazing results faster than I had anticipated and I've been able to maintain and improve my physique and fitness level through her continued advice and training.  Thank you, Jennifer!  You're the best!"

-Paola Alcaraz Deocampo



"Having tried many trainers in the past and eventually stopping I thought I didn't like the gym.  I was referred to Jennifer by a friend who was very satisfied with his and his fiancee's results.  Jennifer customized a workout program that she felt would work for me.  Anyone reading this testimonial would say that is what all trainers do, yet Jennifer went further by customizing a mental program to help me trust and understand the process.  This type of program helped me come to the conclusion that it wasn't because I didn't like the gym, but I realized I was intimidated by it.  Even though Jennifer's customized road map for me had its bumps in the road, the map had clear directions and destination and was also achievable.  Jennifer's commitment to my health and understanding of my health will be with me for the rest of my life.  I believe she cared more for my health and fitness than I did an my progress is due to her sincere effort."

-Hambis Charalambous

"I started working with Jen because I wanted to learn balance in my workouts and eating habits.  I had been competing for almost 2 years and while I enjoyed every minute of the grueling workouts and restricted eating, I came to a point where I realized I needed to learn how to just live balanced.  Jen helped me learn that I could keep a fit body without constantly dieting or binging.  She also helped me realize that doing my best didn't mean being super hard on myself when I wasn't perfect.  She is knowledgeable, straight foward and will make anyone feel comfortable in their own skin.  It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned competitor, Jen an bring out the best in you and your body."

-Jada Kelly


"Since working with Jen Dietrick, I have more strength, physically and emotionally; I am toned; I have more energy; my body has changed. Before we started working together, I was overweight, my blood pressure and cholesterol were high and signified that I was in danger. But since working with her my numbers are good, my health has been steady, and I am strong.  Now I receive compliments instead of sad looks and advice. As Jen is fond of saying "you can do more than you think," and I have been doing much more than I ever thought possible. . .because of JEN!"

-Pam Felcher

"I've been training with the fabulous Jennifer Dietrick for the past year now. When we began our sessions I really had no clue how to "properly" work out for my body type or just in general. I would go to gym, run through all the machines, call it a day and think I did amazing because I would be so out of breath. My biggest thing was I hated the gym scene and didn't want to stay in there too long, so I would do the bare minimum and thought it to be better than doing nothing. When I met Jen at our first session, I knew this girl knew her stuff and she had the body to prove it! We started off slow and basic and learned some techniques and the importance of stretching. My goal was to just tone, but I have learned a lot more about my body than expected. She is ALWAYS on time and always brings the positive energy even if I'm literally just getting out of bed! Our routines never get boring or played out, because she is always introducing something new with a fun name for each exercise. I feel Jen goes above and beyond the basic trainer because she really wants you to succeed and she wants you to feel good about yourself. I've emailed her while away on vacation on her "off hours" and had forgotten what the "fire hydrant" was, for example, and sure enough there was a prompt response with a detailed explanation from her within the hour! She's is always answering my million questions in full detail and she is up for new things such as hiking or trapeze activities. I even learned (almost) how to do a cartwheel from Jen ( Which I thought for sure my chances of learning one at my age was extremely slim to none). I could literally go on for pages as to why I love my trainer so much. I'll just end by saying when I started with Jen I thought I was only going to train with her for 4 weeks, learn some moves and techniques, and carry it out on my own- Now, just over a year later and I'm still addicted to her and very thankful I’ve stuck it out with her (so is my body!)."

-Kimberly Matos

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