My philosophy of health and fitness is achieving a healthy, balanced lifestyle and being happy with how your body feels and looks. When the main focus is becoming stronger and healthier, then your body will naturally feel better. Once you feel better, the end result is being happy with how you look. The process takes both physical and mental preparation for your journey. Once you shape your mind, you will shape your body! I believe steady progress with gradual changes is the winning combination to achieve your goals. The all too common swings between extremes of deprivation and overindulgence with nutrition and/or over training and under training are not the ideal or permanent ways to achieve happiness of your health.

With my expertise as an experienced health coach/personal trainer, along with my certifications, bachelor's degree, and human anatomy & physiology teaching experience, I can create a plan that is right for you! Each of my clients receives a individualized nutrition and training program to fit his or her health fitness level and goals.

I teach my clients to learn their body in order to truly achieve balance. Reaching optimal health and fitness takes time, patience, consistency, and dedication. Your ideal body is attainable while still feeling satisfied with exercise and nutrition. When your body adapts to a healthy lifestyle for a long period of time, it craves healthiness. You will feel at your proper energy level which will defer from unhealthy habits without even craving them. This newfound healthiness will increase your confidence along with an improved functioning level of your body, mind, and spirit!

Nutrition Education  $300


My nutrition education is customized for each client's individual needs and goals. I conduct detailed assessments to better educate each client, including food they enjoy. I provide a free 1 hr. evaluation and consultation.

The nutrition education can include the following:
  Reviewing current nutrition patterns
  Assessment and solutions for mental barriers to proper nutrition
  Essential nutrient information
  Meal timing

  Recipe ideas

Health & Wellness Seminars  $200*


Contact me for scheduling and pricing. Please refer to the Speaker page on this site for more details.​ Prices vary according to length of seminar. *Additional travel expenses may apply.


Personal Training            $50/$100*

If you live in the LA area, contact me for scheduling, location, and a FREE 1 hour consultation. At home training as well as a private gym locations are offered. Refer a friend and receive a FREE training session when they begin their sessions. Rate listed above is per 1/2 hr session and per 1 hr session. The number of sessions is chosen by the client. Contact me for more information regarding packages as they vary depending on location and number of sessions. Payments are rendered in monthly contracts.

*Additional travel expenses may apply for in home training depending on the location.


Health Coaching Package      $700*  

With health coaching, you will receive a complete package to progress you towards your highest level of health and vitality. Optimal health and fitness includes much more than a basic exercise and nutrition plan. The package is individualized specific to your goals, lifestyle, and personality. I will assess your current physical activity, nutritional habits, flexibility levels, posture, any health/physical restrictions, sleep patterns, stress levels, lifestyle, work hours/responsibilities, daily routine, and current outlook regarding health and fitness. 

The package includes the following:

-individualized exercise plan including flexibilty and posture correcting practices

-individualized nutritional guidelines

-stress reducing strategies fit for your personality

-essential sleep practices

-a step by step plan to include your new healthy practices into your daily routine

-3-1 hr. consultations*

-3 one on one personal training sessions*

*additional travel expenses may apply 

Self-defense Lessons           $100  
Jiu jitsu based self-defense techniques in one hour sessions with a small group, partner or one on one. Contact me about packages and for scheduling. 
Jiu Jitsu Lessons                 $100
One hour of jiu jitsu technique and drills one on one or with a partner. Contact me about packages and scheduling.

*Please feel free to inquire about any services that are not listed or any questions regarding the services listed.

*All purchases must be paid for in full and there are no refunds for purchases.