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Speaking Engagements

Shape Your Mind for Optimal Health and Fitness!

These seminars focus on a new approach to guiding everyone to improved health and fitness. People are capable of following a nutrition and exercise program physically, yet it is the mental obstacles that keep them from doing so. I list and describe the typical categories I've derived from my experience and detail the behavior patterns in each of them. I also include an overview of general fitness and nutrition guidelines, yet focus on becoming aware of the mental barriers to these guidelines and provide suggestions for solutions to them.

The benefits of the seminar include but not limited to:

  • A new and improved outlook on fitness including choices and without restriction

  • Feeling energized for clear, productive, and enjoyable days

  • Eating whatever you choose while living a healthy and fit lifestyle

  • Optimal health and vitality specific to your personality type



Jennifer started in athletics as a competitive gymnast and track and field athlete as a teenager. Her motivation to compete continued into adulthood with fitness and figure shows. She transitioned into martial arts and currently competes in jiu jitsu tournaments.

She received a B.S. in secondary education for Biology and taught as a high school Anatomy & Physiology and Biology teacher. She currently runs her own personal training business while in the process of finishing her first book.

As she progressed with personal improvement in health and fitness her focus grew and changed. It began with learning various types of training along with the benefits of proper nutrition. Then, with her own personal experience and the experience she witnessed with her clients, she became focused on the mental obstacles to optimal health which lead her to writing the book and providing seminars.

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